Secret EP

by Evelinn Trouble

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released August 8, 2008



all rights reserved


Evelinn Trouble Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Dread
For every kiss I swallow
I dry another tear
You don’t want my love
And it brings me down I fear

I cherish that memory
Before I fall asleep
I nourish from melodies
You put inside of me

For every tear I swallow
I come up with a new line
No you don’t want my love
You don’t want any of mine
Track Name: In The Meantime
Wish I had the guts ask you
Why you never look me in the eye no more
But I don’t

Wish I had the guts to blame you
For sparing your smiles as if they were made of gold
But I don’t, no yet I don’t

So in the meantime
I’ll formulate those „Why’s“ on my mind
While waiting for the day when feelings have died
And then I’ll make my confession
In shape of a rose
And put it on the coffin of our souls

Wish I had the guts to save
Save you and your and your twisted soul
But I don’t

Wish I had the guts to lead you
Lead you out of your hole
Self chosen hole
You call it your home
But I don’t

So in the meantime I’ll chase rainbows
And save that halo of mine for the day
When you’ll come out of your hole
And I pray for saint change to not be long
Oh please don’t be long
‘Cause I just might

I just might lose my hope in the meantime
I just might lose my hope in the meantime
So please don’t be long ’cause I just might

I just might let go before you come
Track Name: The Chill
I’m the cruiser on the ocean of our town
And the breeze is in my head, turns me around
You’re an iceberg but I can see but the tip
I have underestimated all the chill
all the chill

I am breaking up the ice with every move
I am coarse and cannot feel the way you do
You’re a waking call and death is in your sound
I’m the dreamer watching you fall off our cloud
our cloud

and it brings me down.
Track Name: The Truth
Truth is a blind mate
Held my hand and then wricked it
Came my way and then wretched it
I walked away when I felt it

Time is a black sea
When I fall the waves catch me
When it rains…

And rain is a close friend
When it falls we share everything
„Have a sip, have a sip of it
Share your black,
Share your black with me.“

But I am a traitor
Left my safe just to say
„I’ve been there“
Blamed my mate for just standing there

Walked away when I felt it