by Evelinn Trouble

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Arrowhead is a suite of songs about the invard journey of one urban traveller that begins when he is shot in the head by an arrow that cannot be removed.


released September 23, 2016

Recorded by Bruno Ellingham and Stuart Matthews at Invada Studios Bristol.
Mixed by Bruno Ellingham.
Produced by Evelinn Trouble and Anthony Tombling.
All songs written by Evelinn Trouble, arranged and performed by Evelinn Trouble and Band.

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Sounds: Evelinn Trouble
Bass, Guitar: Flo Götte
Drums: Domi Chansorn



all rights reserved


Evelinn Trouble Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Prelude

Blood is the scent of a dream that I had
of an arrow shot in my head
still was there
when I aimed to make my dreams come true

Broke off the tail and wiped up the trail
of the hole in the wound
when the excision failed
and covered it up with powder and glue

Like a chickenless head
living amongst the dead
run around with my arrow in head
cannot get
my head around where to be
or where to go to

And from sweven to day
a transition has yet to take place
hear my name being called through the haze
"oh arrowhead belay dreaming why won't you?"
Track Name: Wrong Sea

Went across the ocean
clinging to you
I had steps to take
a death to fake
all the while clinging to you

Down with a fever
named after you
failed to be new

You're a treasure
quested for in the wrong sea
I never wish to find you anyway
has a hold on me
you're just the reason
why I can't come to reason
wish you were more to me
The sea has always been endless and the end has always been near
The sea has always been endless and the end has always been everything

Caught, it's not over
Life has me harvesting stains
See I found out your name
HEY WAIT! my obsession will fade
some day
I'll be well on my way
but hey wait!
hey wait!

If this remains my main state of mind
a quarrel with moments in time
a battle will become of this life, a battle
in your name, hesitation
any name
Track Name: Gone Strange
Gone Strange

Now that I've gone strange
I wanna leave all the way
I wanna leave all the way
all the way

Now that I've gone strange
mirrors don't recognise my face
I wanna leave all the way
I wanna look away
Since you broke my flow
it's become so easy to let go
don't wanna grab don't wanna
hold on to anything

nobody ask nobody know just what is good for me
nobody you nobody me now that I've gone strange
Track Name: Simple Truth
Simple Truth

A string of a thougt of a hope that has passed
of a fire I felt in his mind
didn't last
has me hung up and blue

And now that it seems all the matches are burned
it's no secret we'd match
but I've learned to just let a good moment go

So I'm displaying my wit to a party of none
since I've warned everyone
that I can't be the one
he must have figured it out

and bearing in mind just how wrong it could feel
just how dark it could be all there is to reveal
it's a simple call, but this fool can't change
cannot change at all
it's a simple call, but this fool can't wait
no I want it all
it's a simple truth, but this fool remains
a fool

The songs and the booze
and the road and the truth
and the poems he wrote
and the smoke in those rooms
where neither of us belonged
The love in the head
and the head in the hands
and the hands on his neck
when he feels he'll regret
that his feeling at all

The dream of the life that you wanna lead
despite all my blinds despite everything I'm familiar with it
and I want it all

Getting to know the wreck that I am
how long will it take until I understand
that a change is really due
Arrowhead needs to wake up
Arrowhead cannot wait up for you
and that is the simple truth
it's a simple truth, no this fool can't wait
cannot wait for you
it's a simple call, but this fool can't change
no I want it all
it's a simple truth, but this fool remains a fool
a fool
a fool
a fool
Track Name: Moonhowl
I wished on the moon and the moon wished back
And the tree in the street hurled it's branch for a smack
My tooth fell out and my mouth filled with blood
I had wished on the moon for someone to love
Wish in the works, heart nearly stopped
Eyes filled with tears, mouth filled with blood
Face nearly dropped
My tooth in the street got crushed by a car
I stopped crying, toothless, in love with the moon and the stars.
Track Name: Touching Air
Won't you stop letting me down,
Won't you stop letting me down
Why can't it be easy
Why can no one please me?
Won't you stop letting me down
Won't you stop

They're all the same
with their heads down and their eyes fixed on no way
they're all as lost as me
Reach out my hands to find my fingers are touching air
it's all the same
no one to blame, no one to root for

Won't you stop letting me down...

Come on choose a name for it
safe to evade but if it's real life then that means safety will be limited
they're all the same, forgetting what they came for
Do you not get?
It is forever goodbye if you choose not to change my mind
Do you not get?
That it is every time we part, forever goodbye

Won't you stop letting me down...

Can't be cheering without arms, touching air
won't you stop
Give me a reason to be there 'cause I can go anywhere
be anyone
oh won't you stop
oh won't you stop letting me down
Track Name: New Skin (Shed It)
New Skin (Shed It)

Now it's under my skin and I can't move on
so I gotta shed it
now the world's gone small and I've nowhere to belong
gotta shed it
and his eyes burned and his words are burned in and it hurts
gotta shed it
how my guts churned when I let him walk that moment will never return
I will regret it

Now the world just turns in direction downward
everyone want everyone have everyone be everything
so claim your life is special
until you're free of doubt
find as many hands as you can to cheer the truth you shout

how it saturates and implodes at dawn
how it all spills out in a ceaseless yaaaaawn
I've seen this I've seen this I've seen it all
gonna shed it

Gonna be newborn in a brand new ward
Gonna be newborn in a brand new ward
Track Name: Reminder
Remind me what it's like
to care for no one, only one
Remind me what it's like
to catch on fire and crash and burn

Don't remember what it's like
Reaching over after night
not checking, hoping
For a stranger to be gone,
not there, nowhere at all

Remind me what it's like
an echo to each smile
not a sob inside
not one day behind
take me for a drive
remind me what it's like

Lost in each others eyes
somewhere along the line
the moment will arrive
when you'll remember

I'm only a reminder
you'll do right by her again
I'm only a reminder
you have found it somewhere else
Track Name: Just A Fever
Lose when you're dreaming, lose when you lose
you dream of leaving, I dream of you

Been lost a long time, now I don't know how
to meet in the moment, so I look down
shared a moment looking down

I'll shake my fever, if you let me be
it's just a handshake, it's just a dream
it's just a fever
I'll guard my temper

I can forget you, just haven't tried
meet in the moment, as if there was time

I'm bound to leave here, you born to roam
it's just a handshake, it's just a home
it's just a fever
I'll guard my temper

it's just a fever, i'll let you be
it's just a handshake, it's just a dream