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Easy Tiger

by Evelinn Trouble

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«Easy Tiger» is the new single by Evelinn Trouble. It was initially written for her award-winning album LONGING FEVER but did not end up on the record, a hidden gem from that recording session. An unsettling piano and subbass waves take us through an in-depth description of life inside an unsound mind, when the inner voices aiming to put you down are just a little too loud and too frequent. «The song speaks about putting your foot down against your self-destructive thoughts. Because in my experience they just take over if u don’t» - Trouble says.


So many days spent worrying
That your skull’s starting to show cracks
From all the torment it’s been in
And the days turn to months
And the months turn to years
That you spent sorrowing
That your soul’s become a dark pit
Where people dispose of their pity

And if it don’t stop now
No one’s gonna wanna spend time with you
If you don’t get up now
There will be nobody left to help you through

The worrying
And the crying over spilt milk
As if those tears are gonna fill that glass again
Well it wasn’t half full to begin with
Deep and infinite is the void you keep trying to fill
With everything anything you’d be willing to give
If you could avoid hearing that mean voice for just a minute

Cos if it don’t stop now
You’ll find yourself looking at your toes on a bridge
As if jumping down
Was the only way to silence all the noise within

Easy tiger
Step back from yourself
Easy tiger
Look inside of you for someone else
Easy tiger

Quit the worrying
Newsflash babe, the human mind needs a safety pin
Sit yourself down
And teach your brain to let the sun shine in
Sit yourself down, it’s the only place left to go
Sit yourself down
I sat silent and the whole room filled up with ghost

Easy tiger
You're passing through a darkness babe
Easy tiger
It’s not always gonna stay this way
Easy tiger
Step back from yourself
Easy tiger
Look inside of you for someone else

Passing through a darkness babe
Passing through a darkness babe
Passing through a darkness babe


released July 1, 2022


all rights reserved



Evelinn Trouble Berlin, Germany

Evelinn Trouble is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, and visual artist who creates work that deals with the knotted and complex nature of the human condition. Critics have dubbed her the bastard child of Thom Yorke and Patti Smith.


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